Fredo Arias-King

Fredo Arias-King

President, CASLA Institute


Fredo Arias-King is the founder of the academic quarterly Demokratizatsiya: The Journal of Post-Soviet Democratization, publishing continuously since 1992.

He holds an MA in Russian and East European studies (1998) and a Master in Business Administration (1997), both from Harvard University. At Harvard, he was an associate of the Strengthening Democratic Institutions Project and of the Russian Investment Symposia (1994-98), in addition to having worked in many rule-of-law projects in the region over the years.

Between March of 1999 and July of 2000, he was senior advisor on international affairs to the National Action Party of Mexico, handling the foreign relations of the Vicente Fox presidential campaign. He also advised democratic forces in Moldova, Russia, Peru, Cuba, Belarus and Ukraine.

In Moldova he received the highest honor awarded by the democratic opposition in 2004, the “Inima de Aur” (Golden Heart), and helped establish the International Committee for Democracy in Cuba, which includes the main transition figures from Central Europe and Latin America. He writes on transitions to democracy and he is the author of two books, the latest of which, Transiciones: La experiencia de Europa del Este, was published by CADAL in Buenos Aires in 2005.